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Monday, October 15, 2012

[FiguReview]Revoltech Kenshiro Hokuto Musou Version

The hunger for effect parts brings me back with Revoltech, action figure line manufactured by Kaiyodo, which I haven't been bought for a while. I used to like Revoltech Yamaguchi because the affordable prize, well-hidden joint, decent sculpt, and I like mecha; but after playing with other line like Figma or SHF, Revolver Joint seems harder to operate and overall inferior. So, does Kenshiro here able to make me reconsider Revoltech or he's not as powerful as he should be?

Revoltech Kenshiro Hokuto Musou Version
Sept 2010 release | 2490 yen | Kaiyodo

Character History
Kenshiro comes from the popular Hokuto no Ken series, or Fist of the North Star on the localization. To be honest I never read the manga or watched the anime, only play the PSX (or was it PS2?) game. The Hokuto Musou on this figure name refer to the PS3/X360 game made by Koei, simply said it's Hokuto no Ken version of Dynasty Warriors. If you have zero knowledge of the character, Kenshiro is the main character and protagonist of the series. Usually act as composed stoic, Kenshiro actually a very kind and is moved by caring people he meets. Possessing great power as Hokuto Shinken disciple, Kenshiro only strives to guard people who can't defend themselves and punishes thugs with death fitting their crimes. He is one of the most iconic characters from the series, popular with his "Omae wa mou shinde iru (You're already dead)" quote and high-pitched "Atatatatatatata" yell inspired from Bruce-Lee.

The packaging format is like the recent Revoltech Yamaguchi, with wide box rather than small, thich boxes like the older Revoltech Yamaguchi or Revoltech Hokuto no Ken's. The figure and accessories are stored on black blister box covered with clear plastic to keep it on place, while there's also stand set placed on plastic sheet behind the blister. You can see the figure and some of the accessories on the front of the box, and on the back you can see the sample pictures of what this figure can do, including the list of accessories and also some screenshots of the Hokuto Musou video games and the list of already released Revoltech Hokuto no Ken figures.

Set Content
Although Kenshiro fights with his bare hand and foot so he shouldn't have any weapon for the figure, but just like I said I bought him because he comes with effect parts. And he really comes with good number of effect parts! To list, this is what you'll get when you buy the figure:

  • Kenshiro figure
  • Interchangeable head part
  • 2 extra pairs of interchangeable hand part
  • 4 effect parts
  • Revocoin worth of 10 points
  • Revocontainer
  • Stand
If you wonder what's the coin does? IIRC, every time you buy recent Revoltech figure you'll get the coin and you can exchange it after you reach certain number for some items, but it's only if you live on Japan unfortunately. The Revocontainer can be used to store unused accessories if you don't want to put it back to the box.

The sculpt really awesome. Kenshiro looks really awesome and stunning. The details both on the muscles and clothes are really great. Matsuora Ken as the sculptor really done great job for Kenshiro, hat off to him. But nothing's perfect, I feel that Kenshiro's face is kinda off. He looks....... too plain; good-looking but plain, not tough as he should be. I mean just compare the face with the art work on the box. Plus the proportion seems off too, his legs are too small, or maybe it's his arm (dat bicep!) that looks too huge :\

The paint also greatly done, gotta love all the details on his clothes. All those metallic silver things, the red flame, the bandage on the left arm, it's all beautiful. The skin color has some gradations to make it more artistic, it's rare for my experience to see it on action figure. What I don't quite like is the yellow shades on his hair, and I understand but it's worth mention too but his eyes are not really symmetric. But sure, it's very tiny and not easily recognized =3

For me personally, this is where it truly goes down. I'm not really a fan of Revolver Joint which strong but at the same time also feels delicate; it also not as free to moved like SHF's joints and as smooth as Figma joint. Kenshiro also lacks of bicep joint so it make it slightly hard to find a good pose without it, though he has ab and waist joints to compensate. The shoulder armor has joint too so it won't hinder the arm movement. What really tick me off is the articulation of the leg, especially the crotch: it's not Revolver Joint, so it's looser and with big upper body Kenshiro has combined with how bad the feet joints Revoltech (human character) has, I had quite time to make Kenshiro stands properly while looking good. I know I haven't watched/read the series but a fighter like Kenshiro should be well-articulated, yes? :\

What can be considered as his gimmick is the effect parts. Beside the 2 part made specially for Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken, the other two parts can be used on both hands or foots for you to be creative. Or you can think out of box and use it as the power aura emitting from the body instead like the picture here. Though I used a extra display stand to did this, haha.

After all the texts, how about more photos so you can decide further if it's worth buy or not? =D

How about using other effect part from other figures?

And gives him enemy to fight for? How Billy sounds? XD
"You're already dead"

And now, a sparring partner. No one fits better than Kamen Rider Meteor =D

Lastly, misc pics. I'm not proud of the last two, but whatever XD

End Verdict
As a martial artist character, I was hoping Kenshiro packed with great articulation but in fact articulation department for me was the major flaw he has while the sculpt and paint exceed my expectation. But if you still insist to get him, for the consolation at least those effect parts will be great addition since it can be used with other figures you have. I'll give this figure 3.5 out 5, it's great collectible if you're big fan of the character or series but if you're not, once again that Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken effect part is so far one of a kind and that alone is worth to be considered. Till next post, guys!! =D

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