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Thursday, October 11, 2012

[FiguReview]Assorted Trading Figures 01

Meet me again on yet another figure review. This time it will be little bit different, since I'm going to do trading figures. Since usually they were sold as a set while I buy them individually, I find it will takes too much time to review it with my usual format, so I'll just write the highlights while the massive numbers of pictures are still there. Well then, to the review~!!

One Piece Statue - Boa Hancock & Nami

The first one is a relatively new figure line for the super popular series One Piece, One Piece Statue. Though with statue, it's more like a bust, a mini one to be exact since they're only about 8 cm tall. I don't know their original packaging/box, if they come with any, since I bought these on a local toy fair whose seller sell it only on the sealed plastic. Boa Hancock comes from the first volume of this line while Nami was from the third installment.

The busts itself is pretty good despite its small size. You have to assemble it first, but it's very easy. For Nami you just have to put her bang and for Hancock just make her wear the mantle; then put them on the base, voila! Both sculpt and paint are good for a figure this small and cheap (only about 400 yen each), they are as hawt as One Piece girls usually are, though I prefer they do better with Hancock's mouth, it seems off. Oh yeah Hancock doesn't have her hand sculpted but the dynamic movement of the mantle hide it well and still make her looks great. Only problem is how Hancock's name plate, I guess it's Engrish since it's written "Seven Worlds of the Sea" when I think it's supposed to be "Seven Warlords of the Sea", you know, Shichibukai.

Overall, this is a cheap and nice figure that will be perfect for decoration on your work table.


Puchi Sample Series: Teddy ga Otetsudai - Oyatsu no Jikan daa!
The second one is a trading figure manufactured by Re-Ment. Re-Ment has released many, many replica of foods, tools, clothes, and animals all this time. The size is different from each series, some are 1/12 (so it's perfect for SHF, Figma, or other figure on that scale), some are 1/6, or other scale. And as far as I know, to keep the authenticity, almost all of their product are hand-painted (or hand-sculpted, forgot @_@).

Anyway, the figure I bought is a food replica with Goomy, a teddy bear character, on it, helping us setting, or messing, with the food. It's really cute, and I have weak point in cuteness, lol. I bought the donuts one where on it we will get a replica of two donuts (an orange and strawberry-flavored, judging by the color, haha), a plate, a papercraft of the donuts box, and Goomy bear with donuts on its belly. They really are a great replica, though unfortunately the size is bigger than I expected so it's not quite perfect for SHF or Figma. But anyhow, if you like these kinds of replica, then Re-Ment products will be perfect for you.


Deformeister Petit Heisei Kamen Rider vol 3 - Kamen Rider OOO Love Combo
Deformeister Petit is a trading figure line from Bandai where as suggested, the characters will be redesigned to SD (super deformed) style, making them more adorable. Deformeister Petit line is not exclusive for Kamen Rider characters though, some of anime like One Piece and Tiger & Bunny also have their characters made into this line. But for now, as the title suggested, I bought the Kamen Rider OOO, Love Combo to be exact. For the fans of the series you probably still remember that this combo/form is actually only served as a joke, and in fact only appears as cartoon/animation, not actual costume.

The figure itself is really cute. It comes with display base since without it, OOO won't be able to stand at all. There's a text written on the display base, "Love! Love! Love!" just like the call on the series when it appeared. The pose it does is also tv-accurate, since let's face it, it only does that pose, lol. No articulation on this figure but you can rotate the head, or even remove it and switch it with any other Deformeister Petit you have, or maybe SHF or other figure line just for the lulz. Putting this joke form won't appear on many other figure lines into consideration, for OOO fans I think if you can find this you should buy it, but since this is a secret figure for this volume it's probably slightly harder to find.


Lego Minifigures
Finally, the last one is a Lego Minifigures. Some friends on Multiply post his collection of Lego Minifigures, while it's been very long since I play Lego, those Minifigures get my interest back. It's a last thing I want, to add more figure line to be collected, lol. And finally on this local toy fair I found one of my favorite character, Deadpool, on Minifigures form, so without any thought I bought it and so he became my first Minifigures. After that I bought two more. What I don't know though, being a newbie and all, is Obi-wan I bought is from the glued magnet series, so it needs to be dipped on hot water to remove it and since I'm too lazy to do that I just left him as what he is, haha. The other one is a mix-and-match Minifigures, the head is I recognize from Emperor Palpatine while the body is from one of the random box Minifigures series (forgot which series, I think it's Series 3) and the bunny head is also from one of the random box Minifigures series; I bought it for the bunny head and the head for Deadpool though, ahaha.

My favorite is obviously Deadpool. He has gun and twin katana! And he is Deadpool! Until now though, I still searching for Stormtroopers Minifigures, little hard to find someone who want to sell just the Minifigures here. But after this, you'll see me post little bit more of my Lego Minifigures collection, so stay tune XD


Well, that's it the review for today's figures. Hope you can enjoy it, see you on the next post =D

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