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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

[FiguReview]Figma - Sunred

After waiting more than a year since it's first shown on an event, I finally get one of the figure I really want of main character from the series I really like, Figma Sunred from Tentai Senshi Sunred (or here known as Astro Fighter Sunred). Unlike most of Figma, Sunred here is manufactured by Phat Company so there's some difference on Sunred (and Vamp, will review it in few days). So what's the difference you ask? Keep reading to find out =D

Figma Sunred
August 2012 release | 3500 yen | Phat! Company

Character History
Sunred is obviously a hero of justice even if he doesn't look, or act like it. First of all, he never wore his fighting suit but rather a regular clothing: t-shirt, shorts, and sandals. Second, he's really impatient, violent and rude towards both to his enemies and regular people and also lazy as he lives together with Kayoko, his girlfriend who supports him financially while he uses the money she gave to spend it on pachinko instead. What makes him looks like hero is the helmet he wore all the time (including when he smokes, sleep, and eat) and superhuman strength that makes him easily beat the shit out of all his enemies. He never has any motivation to finish Florsheim, the evil organization after the world domination on his area, since they never give any serious threat (if any they're helping the neighborhood) so sometimes he hangs out with them instead if they're not have schedule to fight.

Not really much to say on this part since it's the same as the usual Figma, though Max Factory logo is replaced with Phat! Company since they're the manufacturer. Anything else is almost the same: windowed format so you can see some of the content of the set from the front and some sample pictures on the back showing what Sunred can do, though they leave the biggest gimmick Sunred has. What is it? I still won't tell you, so read further! XP

Set Content
Sunred comes with pretty wide range of accessories to be used, increasing his play value. Here's the full list of what you'll get from this set:
  • Sunred figure
  • Sunshoot along with the optional AC charger cable
  • Plastic bag of gyuudon shop
  • Fishing rod
  • 4 pairs of interchangeable hand part
  • 1 interchangeable smoking right hand part molded with a cigarette
  • 1 interchangeable holding left hand part for holding separately molded can of beer
  • 1 pair of interchangeable feet part for bare feet
  • Figma stand

There's also standard accessory comes with most of the Figma which is plastic bag. It's really useful if you want to take picture of Sunred outside but doesn't want to bring the box along, or if you don't have enough room to store the big box and want to get rid of it (I always keep mine ^^), then you can use the plastic to store all the accessories to save spaces. And yes, the plastic bag can store Sunred figure along with all his accessories, just like the picture shown here.

Unlike most of male Figma, Sunred is really muscular. Since well, he is mucular. But he's not look too bulky like Billy Herrington, Sunred is smaller compared to Billy. Hey, how do I know he's muscular with those cloth? That's because Sunred shirt and short is made from real clothes, and it's removable! Well I've dropped the bomb but I'll tell you later on "Gimmicks" part so it'll be more appropriate. Back to the sculpt, thanks to the real clothes, the joints on his ab, waist, and crotch are hidden but his feet feels too small with the big, muscular body he has. He's still able to stand on his own though. And all the joints are still the usual  standard "smooth yet poseable" Figma joints, with the exception of the application on the joint for the head since the ball part of the joint is inside the head/helmet so unlike other Figma, you can't remove it (or at least it'll be very hard and risky) though you're still able to head swap Sunred to other Figma body.

The paint just looks decent to me. There's a gradation/shade on Sunred skin but it doesn't look that good, I don't really like it. The Sunshoot on the other hand is well-painted and looks great, as well as the beer can. Oh if you want to head swap other Figma to Sunred's body, be warned that on Sunred's neck there's part of his helmet, so it won't look good for other Figma head from the behind.

Sunred's articulations are just the same for most Figma. It's poseable all right but not as the same level like SHF, though the joints are smooth and durable. For those who buy Sunred for his/her first Figma, be sure to learn how the joint works first, especially the shoulder, ab, waist, and crotch joints since those are covered inside his clothes. Even I had to make sure first before move those so I don't move it wrong way and break it. The shirt not really limit the body's articulation since the shirt's materials are pretty elastic, but the short on the other hand makes it hard for the leg to move straight, and as I mention earlier, my Sunred's left leg are easily popped from the ball joint on the crotch >.<

I've mentioned it: Sunred's shirt and short is made from real clothes! Yes, just like premium collectible like 3A or Hot Toys, but now Figma does it too. Though it's inferiorly sewn, still looks like a clothes for toy, but it's the first time for Figma so I guess that's still count as innovation? ^^' The clothes are removable too, but for you pervert don't imagine he's fully naked underneath because there's still 'underwear' inside, lol. To remove the shirt, first you have to remove the head and hand part to make the process easier, and then raise both arms and just simply pull the shirt above; while for removing the short you can remove one of the leg first (in my case it's easy since the left leg pops real easy -.-). And to further support the naked gimmick, there's also extra pair of interchangeable feet parts for bare feet. 

One little disappointment is there's no optional part or accessory for Sunred mask while smoking, the cigarette is permanently molded on the right hand. But oh well, at least the short has pockets so you can put Sunred hands on it to recreate his lazy pose =3

Here's more pictures of my Sunred, showing further what this figure capable to do =D

Since I'm nice, let's make Red-san to give fan services for the girls XD

 And here's Red-san with other accessories from other figures I own.
 (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Head swap is fun =3

And how about putting Red's clothes on other figure?

Lastly, Red-sun with other figures...
Official - Parody - Unofficial

End Verdict
Sunred is not the best Figma out there, but for me, as big fan of the show, this Figma is really fun and worth collected. The real cloth gimmick maybe not looks great but it's fun and one of a kind for this line, and even if  I don't really like the paint job on the skin, I can let it slide (most of it can't be seen anyway XD). Yeah, I can really be bias sometimes, haha. But seriously, if you're a fan of the show, this Figma is a must because there aren't many figures for Sunred characters (the Animal Soldier set that made for accompanying Figma Sunred and Vamp is now pretty hard to find btw, I really regret not pre-order it >.<).


  1. who is the one with sunred on the last picture? the woman with black hair?

    1. Oh, that's Takane Manaka from Love Plus, a love sim made by Konami for NDS and 3DS.
      The figure is from figma line, though I used the body from Revoltech Queen's Blade Nanael :D

    2. hmm I see, I was confused at first because she seems naked, then I thought that there's no way figma would make a female character figure with a cast-off-able clothing or a fabric cloth for female character. thx for the info dude ^^

    3. Accidentally deleted my own comment >,<

      Max Factory did make female figure with cast-off-able feature with fabric cloth, in form of Anzu Futaba: http://www.goodsmile.info/product/en/3801/figma+Anzu+Futaba.html

      This is the review of here I found where the feature presented:

  2. Wah nice review dan photo nya kocak nih, btw kalo figma animal soldier pernah liat di kyodain kyknya ada deh


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