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Monday, March 18, 2013

[FiguReview]Assorted Figures March 2013 pt I

Been awhile since my last review. Yeah, kinda tight on budget and still seriously losing my mood to do photo session and write review. But it's all past now, I'm back with another amateur review~!! I initially wanted to post this on my birthday 2 days ago but I couldn't, so here it is, some figures I got that it's going to consume too much spaces if I do it individually. Read on =3

CFB Light Model Poogy vol 1 - Naked Prince
I actually don't know the correct pronunciation, but what the hell. As you may know, this is from Monster Hunter series, the pig mascot you can pet and dress up. There are total of 6 figures you can get in this random box. It initially serves as strap but you can remove the chain. The minus point is when I open it the first time, it's very dirty and the seam line is very obvious. Lucky I got it cheap so I don't really feel ripped :\

Bad Banana
Bought this when I met my friends and went to some local toy store. It's so random, but I like random and unique figure like this. I don't know which series or manufactures this one comes from, but the combination of crazy batshit expression and pervertness of this figure is so awesome I don't want to miss this one. And like above, turns out it actually can be used as strap too.

DC Direct Blackest Night Series - Mera & Dex-Starr
From the Blackest Night arc of Green Lantern story, several superheroes and supervillains use the several Corps's rings and inherit the respective Corps's power, including Mera whom used the Red Lantern ring. And after 6 series of the figure line, on the 7th one she is bundled with another Red Lantern member, the space cat Dex-Starr. This figures embody the reason why I don't collect US figures: the articulation sucks. I admit the sculpt and paint are beautiful, but the lack of articulation is turn me off, because I like to make my figure do stuffs. So, what's the reason I bought it? Because of the lantern, since I got this very cheap albeit on boxless used condition.

Chozokei Damashii The Ultraman Uchiyama Ver - Ultra Mother
Chozokei Damashii is another popular trading figure line from Bandai. And this is from The Ultraman series, which I assume from the box design is from a manga. I'm not big fan of Ultraman, but seeing Ultra Mother in that kind of pose, my pervert brain works an idea so I bought it immediately since, again, it's on discount so I got it cheap.

Module On Fourze 3 - Kamen Rider Fourze Base State & Gyro Module
This is candy toy from Bandai, exclusive for Kamen Rider Fourze series. Actually both W and OOO also have the same-sized candy toy with their respective gimmick, so you can say this is the continuation of those, since on this line the special gimmick Fourze has, which is equipping Module is the highlight. From the "3" on the title you may have guessed, that there were 2 series before so not 40 Modules available on this line. On this figure you only get Gyro Module but on the other set you can get more Modules like Board, Magic Hand, Hammer, etc.

The size is almost in-scale with SIC Kiwami-Tamashii and 3.75" US figures, though it's very minimalist on paint department since it's not painted by Bandai but they only give you sticker to apply. The articulations are in fact better than those two, easy to move and have wide range. If you want cheap but rich Fourze figure, this is actually recommended for you.

Winger Wizardragon
Another candy toy from Bandai, but this one is as the title suggested, for Kamen Rider Wizard. The set is separated on 2 figures, one is Machine Winger & Kamen Rider Wizard Flame Style and another one is the Wizardragon. This one is required some simple assembly first on Wizardragon part, but it's easy to figure out. What kinda hard without looking at the manual is to apply all the stickers and combining the Machine Winger and Wizardragon, and to change it to the giant Kick Strike arnament. What becomes a bother for me is the manual is printed inside the box so you have to rip the box first, because I'm the kind of those who like to keep the box of my figures, I hate it when see the box is ripped even though I can put it back together again with glue or tape.

The combining gimmick is the best selling point for this one since the paint is very very minimalist, I mean just look at how hideous Wizard is, lol. Also a shame since the size isn't in-scale with the next Wizard candy toy  I'm going to review...

Style Action Wizard
Last one is the articulated candy toy action figure from Kamen Rider Wizard, the counterpart of Module on Fourze above. But Wizard here don't have special gimmick like Fourze. Separated to 4 figures, this set include special display stand to combine on each figure. Other than the display stand pieces, you can get Wizardswordgun Gun Mode on Flame Style, Wizardswordgun Sword Mode on Hurricane Style, and extra pair of open hand on Water Style.

The size and articulation is as awesome as Fourze, even the robe has ball joint so you can move it so it won't hinder leg movement. You can see some poses these figures can do along with the size comparison with SIC Kiwami-Tamashii and 3.75" Marvel Universe Deadpool on picture above.

And those are the figures I bought recently. Stay tune for some more pictures of these figures coming up shortly =3

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  1. Great review! Where did you get the Fourze/Wizard candy toy from? in Jakarta?


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