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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

[FiguReview]Figma Yuki Nagato Evil Witch Ver.

How are the chances an event exclusive figure is re-released as regular release? Not that many, at least nowadays. Usually even that figure is released, it's going to be as another exclusive but easier in form of web order exclusive. But this Yuki Nagato Evil Witch version is one of the rare case. Back then this figure can be bought early on Wonder Festival 2008 but then is released regularly, though the price tag nowadays are quite expensive for a Figma. Just in case you still want to get it but not that convinced yet, I'll help you with this review of mine.

Figma Yuki Nagato Evil Witch Ver.
September 2008 | 3000 yen | Max Factory

Character History
Truth be told, I never watched or read Haruhi (well technically I did watch the Disappearance movie a bit on Animax) so I don't know exactly who is Nagato, ahaha. Reading a bit info about her, Nagato is an alien possessing supernatural power created by Data Overmind sent to watch over the titular character, Suzumiya Haruhi. An emotionless character on the beginning of the show, she later develops both insight into an actual person and emotion. For more information about this character you can just read her page on Haruhi Wiki.

This is one of the early released Figma, with 15 as its product number, but the packaging back then is mostly the same as recent Figma, meaning Max Factory doesn't change much, but then again why bother fixing something not broken, right? It's just if nowadays Figma has different background image matching the theme of the respective series or character, Nagato's box here is plain white.

And if you're wondering if there's difference between this regular release and the WonFest edition on its box, there is. The WonFest edition has text written in black instead of purple and the "Figma" text is written on the box instead on the blister, and of course there's "Wonder Festival Early Edition" text on it, both on English and Japanese. The rest are the same, with the content stored on double-layer blister, though some accessories are put on the small slot on the bottom side along with the display stand and interchangeable hands, not with it dedicated slot.

Set Content
This version of Nagato has a shitload of accessories! The list is:
  • Yuki Nagato figure
  • Cat figure
  • Witch robe with interchangeable part
  • Witch hat
  • 2 Witch wands
  • Guitar
  • Teaware sets: Teapot, 2 Japanese tea cup, and a tray
  • Board with 2 variation of text stickers
  • 4 pairs of extra interchangeable hand + pair of interchangeable hand to hold guitar + 1 right hand to hold teapot + 1 right hand to hold wand
  • Display stand

That's a lot, huh? Even from day one Max Factory already kind enough to include the regular display stand and plastic bag. But in exchange of those accessories, Nagato doesn't come with any optional face plate.

Not only the packaging that doesn't change from the old days, Nagato here as one of early Figma has the same quality of sculpt and joint like the recent one. The Figma joint used is exactly the same like the recent Figma, even the soft material used for the skirt so the movement of the leg won't be limited is the same. From my experience, some first figures of an action figure line tend to have weakness, either in articulation system or other department, but Figma doesn't have that problem. I do want Figma joint to have wider movement like SHF using double-hinge joint, but it may look weird aesthetically on non-armored human character.

Anyway, Nagato looks great overall, nice detail on her hair too. But I have to say, for me the head seems too big and I still don't like Figma's tight look from the side and back view, though thanks to that the knee movement is wider. And this one is not the sculptor's fault, but her skirt seems very very short making it kinda indecent. The sculpt for the accessories are great too, but I kinda hope the witch robe is made from soft plastic rather than hard one.

Overall, the paint job is well-done. I love the gradation detail for Nagato eyes, it's beautiful. The other part is looks great too, no major defect or anything. But I must say, the sample picture is misleading on her shoes. The sample pictures show you that Nagato wear indoor school shoes with white-blue color while the actual figure come with brown outdoor shoes, but yeah it's not really important. It's just I personally like indoor Japanese shoes better than outdoor shoes, maybe because I like blue and white better than brown, ahaha.

Like I mentioned above, the Figma joint used are the same with the recent one, so it's a given that the articulation is just the same. It's quite wide and give you many possibilities. Plus, since her back side of skirt is sculpted on static pose (not the... dynamic/in movement form like the K-On! Figma or other), it enables Nagato to be posed on sit position more natural.

The accessories are Nagato's gimmick. The witch robe comes with optional part for left side so you can use the default one that covering her left arm to make her looks more mysterious, or the open one so you can move both hands while Nagato's wearing the robe. She also comes with a guitar that already has its strap equipped unlike Figma K-On! where you have to put the strap by yourself. The optional hands for holding the guitar don't have any joint, by the way. There's also the teaware set where you also get one dedicated hand to hold the teapot. The cat included is static, no part of the cat is movable. And lastly in accessory department, the board has two variation of text sticker, or if you want you can cut a blank paper, write any text you want, and glue it on the board.

I forgot to mention, the only major difference Nagato has on its sculpt as old Figma is each of her interchangeable hands still have ball peg, so it's harder to be put and removed compared to newer Figma. And also since it doesn't have any optional face plate, unless you have Figma Nagato Yuki School Uniform Version, you're stuck with this expression that seeing to her right side. It really limits me to take picture of her since it will look weird if I took her left side when she only look to her right >.>

Action Pose
Here's Nagato making full of the included accessories =3

Nagato borrows Drossel's book and Kuroneko's chair...

How about we try making other girls wear the wizard hat?

Unfortunately, the robe is harder to put on other Figma. Only Figma that has short hair and small body like Nagato can wear it. So my Ayase or big-boobs character like Phantasmoon can't wear it. Then, let's give the honor to Drossel then~

Nagato with other Figma! For some reason, I think Nagato's coolness is infecting me as I can't think of joke pose like I usually did :\
Halloween duo! Trick or treat? :3
Kyon's Angels

And finally, beware evildoers for the El Nagabong!!

End Verdict
I give it a little worse end score because I dislike the ball peg on its optional hand and how it only look good from the right side due to her only facial expression, unless you have the other version of Nagato. But that's just my personal score, other department still give my good impression so if you see this one on affordable price, don't hesitate and just grab it. The accessories are the star of this set for most part.

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